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abide by international obligations to protect diplomatic missions. britain is planning for the terror threat to be severe during the 2012 london olympics. >> quick market of state as we take a live look at the board to see what is happening in wall street at the moment. we are up eight. and a half. the dow is at 12,506. a slight improvement. not a lot of progress happening on wall street this morning. >> we will be right back as a kron 4 morning news continues. we have a programming note for this friday. rahma
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windows and sprayed the building with graffiti. three embassy workers were injured. >> britain is expecting a large protest during the olympics. they are expecting terror attacks. they are saying that the threat will be severe. çñ ]s we are looking at live shots as two astronauts are getting it ready to do a space walk. they are going to be doing a couple of experiments. it is just before 6:00 a.m. our time. we will have those pictures live. >> we want a look at the weather in see how the day is shaping up. >> this is the shot of the golden gate bridge and you conceive the fog visibility is. it is cool and there is fog and drizzle this afternoon little be partly cloudy and all lot cooler the fog returns while you sleep. this is look of the satellite view of the fog and currently where is the winds is the other part of the story today this is look of the wind speeds right now. our inland locations are getting a cool down. this afternoon i will warm- up our warmest temperature could possibly be just 75. friday we turn the corner and then slowly the temperatures will increase. t
lockerbie in stories in britain released him from prison because he had cancer. >> record rainfalls went through seoul korea 10 college students that were doing volunteer work have died from/flooding and mudslides >> i check of the weather at 4:17 a.m. >> is gonna be another day similar to yesterday fog at sitting over the city right now and oakland again over east bay we will get about 73 degrees clearing into the afternoon. this is a picture of our satellite map of the fog in you can see it slowly working its way and then mostly hugging the coastline a look of current temperatures are around the bay area san jose's 61 concord 57 and later on this afternoon at 80 degrees in mountain view and 82 in fremont center cisco will warm up to 68 degrees. 91 in concord and 93 in, or fairfield how we will have nice breaks of sunshine into the weekend monday through wednesday temperature will get into the upper 80s low 90s >> good news no hotspots around bay area is quiet as you step out the door we are completely in the green on our traffic maps. once you reach the toll plaza the muni, metering li
at sunday. >> employees at britain's largest and is a tabloid find out they are out of a job. the paper illegally hacked sell fonts of murder victims as well as soldiers that were killed in afghanistan >> it was completely unexpected >> the front page new was the death of the the news of the world. the most widely read an english newspaper >> clearly certain activities did not help this matter >> they may have backed into as many as 4000 cell phones one of them was prince harry and lou grant operate. and the family of web murderer british teen nature. >> they lost their daughter >> the scandal has brought more scrutiny it also includes the fox tv network. >> the last edition of news of the world will appear on sunday the former editor still faces possible or arrest >> we will have more on whether to traffic in news when we return jerry brown not announce that they cut the vehicle fleet it will save 70% it will save 11.4 million next year. >> and now look at the weather in for forecast for the weekend. >> color of fog this morning with this is a look of our temperatures currently . we wi
>> in britain and the final edition of the news of the world simply said thank you and goodbye. this newspaper came to an end to to suspicion of slackening e- mail . >> the other robert murdoch was present. >> we'll take look bad weather and traffic when return. it is for 40 7:00 a.m.. an adult and droppings or will create a bigger problem in one area. >> there are a lot of thought responsible pet owners they do not pick up after and i want to find out who they are. she >> manages out that friendly apartment complex. >> it is very smelly i hear because their owners to not clean up. >> they have these stations throughout the complex. all they have to do is take one of these pick it up and throw it away. >> now she is turning to a high-tech solution they can't identify who left the ways by doggy the end day. which >> we have to pay to clean up this waste they should be more responsible and if they are not then they need to pay for it. if it is a kiss ass' she intends to bring it into other complexes she manages. >> this is all local our forecast in the week and had >> this is a shot of the golde
't look at foggy as yesterday but it is hard to tell right now. we'll be right back. >>> britain is now officially recognizing libya's opposition group as the country's legitimate government. foreign secretary says they are unfreezing oil assets to help the transitional council. the officials say they are dispelling all diplomates from owemar ga dav fi's regime. >>> there is pro gadafi rally. malgama was convicted of the bombing that kill 250 people and most americans and he was released from a scottish prison in 2009 on humanitarian grounds after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. >>> 5:18 is the time and i will have been thinking the roof is less foggy but looks more foggy from the golden gate bridge. do you think more foggy today. >> for those that will see fog it will be thicker. people inland won't notice any difference between today and yesterday but where we had light fog yesterday lit be heavier this morning and you can see that in these live shots but like yesterday it will burn off by noontime and the temperatures will be warm. san francisco will be 66 with a high and some
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8